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Battle of Chamkaur IN ENGLISH , चमकोर की लड़ाई, MATHQUESTION.IN

Friends, Do you know Battle of Chamkaur, Where one million Mughal soldiers were heavy 40 Sikhs Hello friends welcome all of you in POST MATHQUESTION.IN n which we give you a lot of interesting unsolved secrets 

Battle of Chamkaur IN ENGLISH ,  चमकोर की लड़ाई, MATHQUESTION.IN
 Let's start On December 22, 1704, A historic war was fought between Sikhs and Mughals at Chamkaur on the Edge of river Sirsa Which in history The battle of Chamkaur is famous In this war, under the leadership of the tenth Guru Govind Singh ji, 40 Sikhs face Wazir Khan led by 10 million Mughal soldiers Wazir Khan wanted to catch Guru Gobind Singh Ji alive or alive in any aspect Because despite Aurangzeb's millions of attempts, 

Guru Gobind Singh was not accepting the subjugation of the Mughals But 40 Sikhs, including two sons of Guru Gobind Singh, have blessed Guruji And did not let Wazir Khan succeed in his conspiracy with his bravery And 10 lakh Mughal soldiers could not hold Guru Gobind Singh Ji This war is known for the courage of the Sikhs and their belief in their religion in the history of war Guru Gobind Singh has written this war describing it in "Zafarnama" I made a lion to fight against the birds Only one lakh to one million should be named after Gobind Singh, " Let's remember to know more about India's glorious history And know about "Chamkaur war" In the last battle of Anandpur in May 1704 Many Mughal rulers the junior army kept Anandpur Sahib for six months 

They thought that as the food- water will end in Anandpur Sahib Then the guru himself will accept the submission of the Mughals But it was a disillusionment of the Mughals, When food-water is finished in Anandpur Sahib, So one night  Guru Govind Singh ji Went to Anandpur Sahib with his attendance and left with all his companions But after some time the Mughals came to know that Guru ji has left here so they started chasing them On the other hand,

 Guru Gobind Singh Ji along with all his friends were going to increase the Sarasa river The time when the convoy reached the edge of this rainy river There was a flood of fear in it and the water was in full swing At this time the Sikhs were in great difficulty,  the enemy behind them And in front of the Sirsa river was flowing, The decision was immediately taken Guru Gobind Singh ji said that some soldiers should keep the enemy in the war here And who have the ability to cross Sirsa,They try to cross the river with the downstream of their horse Sirsa This is what has been done Bhai Uday Singh and Jeevan Singh took their own group and clashed with the enemy In this,

 Gurudev ji succeeded in crossing the sarsa river But hundreds of Sikhs were killed in crossing the river Sarasa The velocity of water was very turbulent and many were flowing into the water Rainy winter rain, river ice cold water, These things numbed the body of the soldiers of Gurudev ji That is why the enemy army did not dare to cross the river Saras After crossing the river Sarsa, 40 Sikhs, two big Sahibzade Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh In addition to Gurudev, 43 people were counted together in total Across the river bhai Uday Singh continued to overturn many attacks of the Mughals And they fought bravely until they had a alive soldier Finally,

 he obeyed Guru's instructions in the battleground and he attained Martyrs while practicing duty Gurudev ji's family got broken in this tremendous turmoil Bhai Mani Singh ji, in the jatha of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji and mother Sundari Kaur Ji And there were two strollers serving slaves Two Sikh brothers Jawahar Singh and Dhanna Singh, who were residents of Delhi, These people crossed the Saras River, all of which reached Delhi via Haridwar Where Brother Jawahar Singh took them to his house In the second group, Mother Gujri ji was a the younger sahabzade jorda Singh And fateh singh and Ganga rama brahmin only,  

who cooked the Guru house Its village was near the town of Mourinda, about 15 crores from Khehari Gaanga Ram Mata Gujri ji and Sahibzadon took her village Gurudev ji proceeded with his forty-four Sikhs And reached the garden outside Shankor, a field outside the afternoon Local people welcomed Gurudev ji and offered every kind of help There was a fiercely raw mansion, which was very important in strategic terms because it was built on a high mound 

There was open flat ground around it Swami Budhichand of mansion urged Gurudev ji to rest in this mansion Gurudev ji did not understand it going forward Therefore, divide forty Sikhs into small groups and distributed them, And deployed all the Sikhs on the front for the fight Everyone knew that death was certain, but Khalsa was the principle of military That is not to throw weapons in front of the enemy only to achieve martyr Therefore, all the Sikhs were ready to sacrifice their lives Garudav, with the strength of his forty disciples, started planning to fight the infamous Mughal army Gurudev ji held a mausoleum in Attalika above the Kachi Garhi Other Sikhs also made their own front and started looking for the Mughal army 

As soon as the flow of rain water was reduced due to rain water The Mughal army crossed over like grasshoppers and reached the field of Chamkaur chasing Gurudev ji. Seeing this, he surrounded the fortress of Gurudev ji. The Mughal generals were informed by the villagers that Gurudev ji had only forty soldiers So they started dreaming of Gurudev ji being arrested The Nawab of Sirhind, Wazir Khan, gave a proclamation as soon as dawn that If Gurudev ji handed him over to the Mughal administration including his associates, His life could be saved In response to this procession, 

Gurudev ji gave the Mughals Shows arrows on the armies At this time there were thousands of unaccountable about 10 lakhs counting of forty Sikhs with the Mughal army force Gurudev ji had also agreed to fight each and every one lakh with one hundred and fifty lakhs Now this swearing by implementing the world there was an auspicious opportunity to perform The attack on the raw cottage, There was a shower of arrows and bullets from within Many Mughal military casualties occurred This is also the case with the strong regimen The Mughal generals were beginning to feel disbelief that even with the help of forty army, This could become even stronger Sikh soldiers were playing fighting and death fighting games in the army of millions of fearless people

 The ammunition and the arrows that have ended But even the Mughal soldiers did not dare to visit So they thought it necessary to get out of the field to fight the sword and the spear First of all, Gurudev ji ordered Bhai Himmat Singh Ji He took a group of five including his companions and went to the battlefield and fought with the enemy Then Mughal Jarnail Nahar Khan tried to climb up the stairs by wearing a ladder But Gurudev ji noticed him from the arrow there Another Jarnail Khwaja Mahmood Ali saw when the comrades were dying He ran into the oven of the wall Gurudev ji wrote this because of his amazement in his creation 

The Nawab of Sirhind, once joined forces, ordered the attack on the fortress at full speed But Gurudev was in a good position from the strategic stand due to being in the high mound's mansion So they also failed this attack And hundreds of Mughal soldiers slept for the eternal sleep by the rain of arrows The groups of Sikhs came out of the house and saw the Mughal army with sharp hands Gurudev ji was helping himself with the help of his warriors by running an arrow on the enemies Ring iron over a whole lot of iron Hundreds of soldiers were stuck in the ground Finally, the five Sikhs were also martyred 

Then Gurudev ji sent the second jatha of five Sikhs out of Garhi to the battlefield This group also got rid of the six roosters of the enemies and pushed them back And harmed their enemies and became martyrs themselves In this way Gurudev ji formed a strategy and started sending five five jathas to the turnover of the battlefield When the fifth jatha was martyred, it was time for afternoon Nawab of Sirhind followed the instructions of Wazir Khan, Jarnail Hidayat Khan, Ismail Khan, Fulad Khan, Sultan Khan, Asmal Khan, Jahan Khan, Khalil Khan and Bhure Khan proceeded to a fortress with a one-time army Everyone knew that it is very difficult to stop such a big attack 

Therefore the remaining Sikhs prayed in front of Gurudev ji that They went out of the war zone, including the Son Upon hearing this, Gurudev said to the Sikhs 'Which Sahabzadas (sons) you talk about, All of you are my own son hearing this reply of Gurudev ji all the Sikhs got in surprise Gurudev's elder son, Ajit Singh, went to the Father and asked for permission to display his art of war Gurudev ji blessed him with joy and motivated him to fulfill his duty Son Ajit Singh had sent a few tricks in the mind, skill in warfare What was it then that he came out of his house with four other Sikhs And on the army of the Mughals, such a broken As Ajit Singh grew up, the soldiers who were in the front went falling, cut or run away The group of five lions made hundreds of Mughals a nightmare Ajit Singh performed an unforgettable bravery But if one person killed thousands, 

then What could have been the lack of taking the bird's beak out of the sea of soldiers? Son Ajit Singh, when the younger brother Son Jujhar Singh was martyred He even asked Gurudev to go to the battlefield Gurudev ji patted his back and sent his teenage son along with four other servants in the battlefield Seeing the skills of his war, he started shouting slogans in the loud voice of cheer Joe Bole, So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal", Jujhar Singh was surrounded by the enemy army, But he found martyr while showing the courage of gallantry The age of these two warriors was 18 years and 14 years respectively Rain or cloudy due to cloudy, it was the smallest day of the year, There was a cold winter, the war stopped when it was dark Seeing the two soldiers being martyred, Guru Sahib prayed to Shankaran, thanking Akkaluru And saying that 'Give me thy hand, what shall I do?' 

The enemy was trapped in the cave of lifting the bodies of his injured or dead soldiers, Darkness was all around at this time Gurudev Ji had seven Sikh soldiers And he himself completed the count of eight The Mughal forces started retreating He was still suspicious that there were enough numbers within the garrison Gurudev ji used to preach to others when the need arises, In the very same battle, there was a battle in the desert then how could he turn himself away from the war? Gurudev ji answered the Singhs My life is not valuable from the life of my dear Sikhs, How can it be possible that I leave you alone in the field and leave alone I can not show the back to the battlefield, Now he himself will come in the battleground by climbing in the battleground before the day itself

 This decision of Gurudev ji was very worried by the Sikhs They wanted Gurudev to escape from any method here In order to give a heavy number of people to the Singhs, and reconnecting them, give two hands to the Mughals The Sikhs were also keeping in mind that Satguru Ji was not martyred in any condition They knew that the martyrdom given by Gurudev Ji would prove to be very harmful for the Panth at this time So bhai Daya Singh ji tried a trick and tried his last weapon He took all the Singh under faith in this technique and took them along and came back to Gurudev ji He began to saying Guru ji, now Guru Khalsa, five beloved, by God form, You order you to leave this raw jewelery instantly And go somewhere in a safer place,

 because it is a good benefit  for Panth Khalsa Gurudev ji bowed his head after hearing the order of five daughters and said I can not resist any longer because I have to obey the command of my guru According to the plan Gurudev ji and Sikhs went on a different distances in different directions And there sounded loud voices, Peer-e-Hind is going to have Someone's guts to catch As well as the shooters, the arrows hit them, so that their torches fell down in the mud and the darkness In the greed of the award, the enemy army participated in the direction of the voice and got interrupted Taking advantage of the time Gurudev Ji and both Singh started moving towards their goal And this policy was completely successful Thus, the enemy army collided with each other On the next morning

 the enemy army suffered great light Because only thirty-five bodies were of the Sikhs in thousands of dead bodies He has not even seen Guru Gobind Singh in him Becoming angry, the enemy army attacked again Five Sikhs were martyred in battle with innumerable enemy soldiers Bhai Jeevan Singh ji also got martyred to give a glimpse of the enemy Gurudev ji's costumes were held Seeing the dead body, the Mughal commander was very pleased that in the end Guru was killed But soon they became aware that this body belongs to another person and the guru has gone safe It was a curiosity to the Mughal authorities that all Mughal forces of Kashmir, Lahore, 

 Delhi and Sirhind Even after engrossing the seven months of Anandpur, neither the guru could catch Gobind Singh ji The Sikhs could not accept their submission Millions of rupees spent on the public exchequer were spent Thousands of soldiers were killed in the army but the Mughals could not achieve success in their goal It can cut the neck but can not bow down Shilwa will ever say the wall of Sirhind Friends,  

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