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Battle of Haldighati, हल्दीघाटी का युद्ध

 Interesting facts related to the Battle of Haldighati Hello friends welcome all of you in our post .In which we give you a lot of interesting unsolved secrets Which is only available on our channel That's why Subscribe to our channel And watch this post till the end So Friends,
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Battle of Haldighati 

Let's start Battle of Haldighati not only the history of Rajasthan Rather, there was an important battle in the history of Hindustan to save Mewar's life Maharana Pratap while defeating Rajputa Akbar's army was in front of us Let us tell you interesting facts related to this war The battle of Haldighati was so because Maharana Pratap had refused to accept Akbar's submission By that time all the kings of Rajasthan had surrendered to Akbar Maharana Pratap's pride and reputation are also more Because more than half of the Mughals who ruled India, He only struggled to save his motherland while he had less strength Battle of Haldighati, not for many days It was finished in a single day in only four hours, On 21 June 1576, the army of Maharana Pratap and Akbar was in front of them Battle of Haldighati

 The chief commander of Maharana Pratap's army was Ram Gwalior of Ram Singh Tanwar,Battle of Haldighati  Krishnadas Chundawat, Ramdas Rathod  jhala, Purohit Gopinath Shankar Das, Charan jaisa, Purohit Jagannath like a warrior Maharana Pratap's army was led by the Afghan warrior Hakim Khan Sur Akbar's old hatred from his family was As an tribal army towards Maharana Pratap, 400-500 Bhils were also included Which was led by Bhil Raja Rao Punja Bhil had been the patriarch of Rajputa since the beginning According to James Tod,

 who wrote the history of Rajasthan In the Battle of Maharaj Pratap in the Battle of Haldighati 22,000 soldiers, while Akbar's army had 80,000 soldiers On the other hand, to lead Akbar's army, Akbar himself had not come While he sent the king Raja Raja Man Singh as commander to fight against Maharana Pratap In the army of Akbar, the commander of except Mansingh, Syed Hassim, Saeed Ahmed Khan, Bahalol Khan,Battle of Haldighati

 Multan Khan, Ghazi Khan, Bhokal Singh, Khorasan and Wasim Khan were warriors like The army of Maharana Pratap was divided into four parts At the forefront Hakim Kha, Rao Punza on the back, Chandraval Mana Singh on the right side and Ramshah Tanwar was on the left side While Pratap himself was in the middle with his minister Bhamashah In 1576, Akbar sent Man Singh and Asaf Khan to fight the army of Maharana Pratap On the other hand, the Pratap's army stayed on the other side of Haldighati It was the biggest sadness for Maharana Pratap His brother shakti singh was with the Mughals he was helping to create a strategy for war in this mountainous region So that at least the Mughals are in loss in the war On June 21, 1576, in Battle of Haldighati

both the armies advanced and bloodshed was a fierce battle between the two armies Which ended in only four hours Maharana Pratap got the benefit due to the war in the hill area Because he knew about these terrain well since childhood In history this war was considered inconclusive But the army of Maharana Pratap had rescued the sixes of Akbar's huge army In the battle of Haldighati, the army of Maharana Pratap with his commander Hakim Khan Sur, Dodiya Bhim, Mansingh jhaala, 

Ram Singh Tanwar,  And their son with Many Rajput warriors martyred Whereas all the big warriors were killed except Man Singh from Akbar's army When Maharana reached Pratap Mansingh And he handed his horse Chetak to Mansingh's elephant And attacking Mansingh from the spear, But Mansingh survived but his Mahavat was killed When Chetak landed back from the elephant, it was in the elephant's trunk Chetak ran running 5 km from three feet and took away his lord Maharana Pratap from the battlefield Chetak jumped from a large drain, where Chetak's life went away At that time Maharana Pratap's brother Shakti Singh were behind them the Battle of Haldighati

 And Shakti singh realized his mistake and he helped Maharana Pratap On the other hand, when Maharana Pratap left the Battle In his place, Jhala Man Singh, wearing his crown, confused the Mughals and looted in the battle The Mughals considered him as a a prataap and broke on them and Man Singh was martyred Since the Battle of Haldighati and his death by the death of Chetak And they decided to leave the mantle until they won the Mughals and live in the jungle And in the future, except the Chittodra, the entire Mewar was captured In the Maharana Pratap Museum located in Haldighati, you can see the depiction of all those events

 Which took place during the war The special point of Maharana Pratap Museum is The government has not attempted to build this museum It was rather a person's special effort Whose name is Mohan Shrimali Mohan Shrimali is a retired school teacher Those who created the entire capital of their life built this museum So friends, it was interesting facts related to the Battle of Haldighati Friends, how do you like this  post you can tell us through a comment Subscribe to our post  

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